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Total Body Cleanse - $595, 
(all materials, formulas, and sessions included)
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Do you suffer from headaches, fatigue, weight gain, irritability,
IBS or constipation?

Natural Flow is a state-of-the-art health care center for naturopathic
medicine and colon hydrotherapy (colonics). Our unique blend of
health care professionals and facilities allow us to offer holistic
programs for cleansing and detoxification, weight loss, and
psychology to heal both body and mind.

Every detail at Natural Flow is the result of extensive planning
and research in order to provide the highest quality professional
services in a nurturing, comfortable and elegant environment.
Natural Flow offers a unique blend of services with a licensed
naturopathic physician and fully trained and I-ACT certified colon
hydrotherapy practitioners.

Naturopathic Medicine

Colon Hydrotherapy

Total Body Cleanse

Weight Loss

Nutritional Psychology

CranioSacral Therapy

The mission at Natural Flow is to enable our clients to achieve
optimal health through naturopathic medicine with an emphasis
on detoxification and cleansing.

Our goal at Natural Flow is to develop partnerships
with our clients as teachers and coaches to inspire
them to make healthy living a simple choice and
an enjoyable experience. We are committed to
relationships with ourselves and our clients
based on respect, integrity, personal
responsibility, and growth.