Dr. Vitaro
Naturopathic Physician Colon Hydrotherapist Owner
Dr. Vitaro is a highly ethical and caring professional who believes in the body's innate ability to heal itself. She works with individuals to
ultimately determine the root cause of symptoms while swiftly taking care to eliminate discomfort. She accomplishes this by utilizing a
variety of Naturopathic therapeutics including: Colon Hydrotherapy, Therapeutic Nutrition and Supplementation, Detoxification,
Dr Vitaro

Naturopathic Manipulation Technique, Botanical Medicine, Homeopathy and Lifestyle Counseling. Dr. Vitaro believes strongly in creating a
hearty and thriving immune system, which in turn renders the body inhospitable to disease. This philosophy combined with attention to
one's mental and spiritual well-being contributes to an individualized treatment plan for optimizing your health.

While obtaining her BS in Psychology from Regis University in Denver, Dr. Vitaro realized many of the health promoting benefits Colorado living had to offer. She went on to pursue her doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Southwest College of naturopathic medicine and Health Sciences in Arizona, and upon completion returned to Colorado to continue living her life according to naturopathic philosophy. Her combined educational background lends itself well to her partnership with patients in their health care goals. Dr. Vitaro welcomes patients who want to introduce natural medicine to their overall personal and family health care program. She enjoys working with individuals who have concerns regarding women's health, men's health, weight loss, immune system enhancement, sports medicine, detoxification, and general family practice.

Dr. Vitaro was recognized by COAND.org as their Doctor of the Month for January 2010.
Vikki Edwards
Vikki Edwards
Colon Hydrotherapist Vikki's interest in health began years ago as she was working in the fast-paced hospitality industry. She began to embrace a preventative approach to her health with an emphasis on anti-aging. When Vikki discovered the profound benefits of cleansing she decided to pursue an education in colon hydrotherapy so she could enrich the lives of others though this experience. Vikki's out going and compassionate personality puts her clients instantly at ease. She empathizes with others who have started on similar paths to discovering their own health potential and supports them on their journey. Vikki is a strong believer in the importance of educating her clients about the digestive system, cleansing, and the colon hydrotherapy process. Her down to earth style allows her to explain these concepts in a manner that is easy to understand and retain.
Cheryl Canale
Cheryl Canale
Colon Hydrotherapist Cheryl's interest in the health field began at a young age. Originally she aspired to become a neonatal nurse. Her direction changed after she and her family relocated from New Orleans to Colorado as a result of the devastation from Hurricane Katrina. Cheryl is currently pursuing a B.S. in psychology after witnessing what her friends and family went through in the aftermath of Katrina. Her focus of studies are dealing with trauma, EMDR and eating disorders. Her own experience of displacement and her concern for helping others who have had a traumatic experience has directed her path. Cheryl's belief in the body's ability to heal itself through a holistic approach has led her to Natural Flow. Nutrition, exercise, and a sound mind are all an integral part of maintaining healthy mind and body. Cheryl has joined Dr. Vitaro and her team of holistic health care providers as a colon hydrotherapist and looks forward to helping assist others in improving their health.
Dana Byrd
Dana Byrd
Psychotherapist Dana Byrd, M.A., has joined Natural Flow to offer psychotherapy services to our clients. She specializes in Nutritional Psychology, utilizing a clinically researched approach to healing addictions, mood disorders,depression, anxiety, weight loss and eating disorders. She works in conjunction with Dr. Vitaro to test for health issues - such as blood sugar, hormone, or brain chemistry imbalances - that can contribute to depression, addictions, weight gain and many other physical and psychological issues. In 2001, Dana left a successful, but unfulfilled, Bay Area high-tech career to study psychotherapy. She completed Naropa University's Contemplative Psychotherapy Master's program because she felt it most closely aligned with her personal beliefs about people. Dana believes that we are all intrinsically healthy but at times we lose sight of that. Her philosophy is based on the notion of "brilliant sanity," meaning that there is a seed of sanity in all of our neuroses, and that our unhealthy ways of coping come from earlier times in our lives when those coping mechanisms were necessary for survival. They served their purpose at one time; however, they may no longer be of use to us.

Bringing great compassion and understanding to the struggles of the human journey, she strives to meet clients where they are and help them learn to pay attention to habitual patterns with friendliness and curiosity. This leads to insight and the ability to change one's life. Contemplative psychotherapy is particularly useful for moving from habitual reactions to the ability to respond authentically in the present moment. This can profoundly affect our experience of stress, anxiety, depression, and our relationship with ourselves and others. Experienced as both a life coach and a psychotherapist, Dana brings a well-rounded and honest perspective to the challenges life presents. She also carries a deep passion for taking a holistic approach to achieving optimal wellness. Dana works with adults, adolescents and children. Her main focus is helping people who are struggling with anxiety, depression, addictions, weight loss and eating disorders.
Kris Wood, Cranial Sacral Therapy Denver Colorado
Kris Wood, CranioSacral Practitioner
is currently the Co-Director at The Wellness Center in Glendale and has been with them for a decade. During that time, she witnessed and personally experienced the amazing benefits that can be obtained through CranioSacral Therapy (CST). She became such a huge advocate of the modality that she began bringing her infant son in for treatments within days of his birth. His fourth birthday was one of significance for her as she decided to study CST herself in order to work with him on a more regular basis in addition to other family members and friends. She began training with the Upledger Institute last year and is continuing to further her knowledge level and skills with their advanced classes. Kris' energy, enthusiasm and passion for the work has evolved her "interest" into a burgeoning practice. She is eager to share the potential of CST work with everyone....as she has already seen that no one is immune to the positive influences that CST work can bring to their life. Sessions are 60 minutes in length and cost $50.

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